About Us

It is April 27, 2002, the Church clock reads 4:30 PM. The first sounds of unheard-of music rise on the dial “The trumpet has sounded”. All the wise people in town are wondering, "Which station is playing these beautiful spiritual tunes at this hour?" It's 94.3 FM For the first time, a man's voice is heard with great flexibility and professionalism "Here you are listening to Radio Trumpet Evangelical, the voice of the Church of God in Haiti." » New station or new program? More than one wonders. The calls are multiplying in a small town with a population of around twenty-five thousand inhabitants. In a short time the whole department of Grand 'Anse is talking about it. It is confirmed: the Radio Trumpet Evangelical was born. It was Bishop Jean Milo Bernier who received the revelation from the Lord to found this station. Eleven years later, the RTE continues to spread the good news of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ on the dial. The results so far have been very positive: evangelization tours, several thousand new decisions, hundreds of support and two new education centers welcoming children of school age who had never been to the school.